Covid-19 isolation log – week 2

Tuesday March 24, 2020 I am trying my hardest to stay positive today, to choose my mindset. Easier said than done. The province has shut down, except for a list of deemed “essential services” including grocery stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, take-out restaurants, hardware stores, manufacturing and agriculture sectors. Construction also made the list, but independent… Continue reading Covid-19 isolation log – week 2

Covid-19 isolation log: week 1

Day 7 Thursday March 19, 2020 The first official day of spring. I am feeling anxious today, thinking of the hours I have to fill keeping Cordelia entertained and myself level-headed. Our life has been relatively simple for months, we are home most of the time, but there have been things to look forward to:… Continue reading Covid-19 isolation log: week 1

Facing Ana: How gaining 30 lbs during pregnancy taught me to love my body

When people see some things as beautiful,other things become ugly.When people see some things as good,other things become bad.Lao Tzu It took me almost 10 years to admit out loud to another person that I had an eating disorder. When I did, I spoke about it like it was done with, gone, in the past-… Continue reading Facing Ana: How gaining 30 lbs during pregnancy taught me to love my body

My New Year’s Resolution

He that can have patience, can have what he will.Benjamin Franklin The day I wrote this, I decided to clean and rearrange the living room, put away all the Christmas decorations and make the space more friendly for a soon-to-be-mobile baby. When Cordelia woke up from her nap, it still looked like a bomb went… Continue reading My New Year’s Resolution